ViPad NIBP_small.jpgViPaD

I wrote this software when I wanted to do a clinical study on different regimes for general anesthesia. The goal was an automatic documentation of patient’s vital data values taken directly from our OR’s monitors. I tried to make it as useful, yet self-explanatory and simple as possible. Up to now, ViPaD supports the whole range of GE patient monitors (e.g. DASH, Solar etc.) as well as the BIS-monitors sold by Aspect.

The current version of ViPaD reads only the current values from the monitor. It is, however, possible to read the history as well as extracting all the curves in real time. If you need such features, please contact me.


  • no installation required;
  • even runs from a memory stick
  • automatic detection of attached monitors
  • ASCII-export
  • continuous logging to file (backup in case of system failure)
  • automatic scaling
  • screen hardcopy and print functionality